Message from the founder


Every woman is part of this world.  We are all different. Fortunately!

Can you imagine our society surrounded by identical women?

Diversity is a treasure for the soul. It is the greatest source of inspiration.

We are all different from a physical, character and cultural point of view.

Every one of us wishes to feel good and confident.

To be accepted by others.

To be beautiful and desirable.

We are women.

This is what we want to be and show.

Sometimes we feel the need to look like other people.

To be models imposed on us for commercial purposes.

We should try to be only ourselves.

To respect what we are more and more.

Every woman must love herself and take care of herself.

If we do not do it, nobody will.

Each woman is unique and irreplaceable.

This is the real meaning of beauty.

Beauty belongs to all the women.

We have to be brave to show it.

Beauty reveals itself when a woman is self-confident.

When she respects herself.

This is the true secret of beauty!

Women belong to this world as we are.

If we are able to love ourselves, we will be loved.

We will become a model to follow.


Let’s love ourselves.

Let’s respect ourselves.

Let’s take care of ourselves!


Why Voluptuous?

Because in the world of fashion, women are not fairly represented.

Voluptuous’ goal is to fill this gap.

Voluptuous  swimsuits are dedicated to full-figured women of all ages.

Voluptuous helps them be what they want to be.

Voluptuous values your opinion and would like to co-operate with you to improve its products.

Please contact me (!

I am here for YOU to listen to YOU!


Thank you.