Dear Curvy Girls and Ladies,

I am very glad and happy to present you a great woman, Mariana, the testimonial of Voluptuous.

Mariana accepted to play the role of MODEL FOR ONE DAY and I am very thankful to her.

Mariana & Sara

I was not looking for an experienced model but for a beautiful and attractive woman who can be met on the street but with some peculiar charactheristics: a curvy lady, of course, but not only.

Mariana is the perfect testimonial because she likes herself a lot and she has got a bright personality. She faces new challenges with enthusiasm and positively. She is self-confident, dedicated and brave.

It has not been an easy task to be MODEL FOR ONE DAY. But the mission was accomplished with devotion and to my full satisfaction!

The shooting took place in the Principality of Monaco and in a very special location!

We had a lot of fun, too and we both will remember that very long day forever! For both, it was a new experience and the beginning of a new friendship, too!

Thank you, Mariana, for your great contribution and for participating in this new born adventure with your eager involvement!


Voluptuous just entered the swimsuits market for Curvy Girls and Ladies in June 2015 with its first Summer Collection.

Our swimsuits are designed and made in Italy with top quality Italian fabrics.