Maria and Voluptuous Team

Dear Curvy Girls and Ladies,

Please let me introduce you our new model: MARIE.

Marie is a young and beautiful French girl. I met her last June thanks to a common friend. I was looking for my next model and…she came…

Marie is not only a pretty lady but a very nice and charming person, too. She is very gentle and kind.

She never did modeling before but she immediately played the role. Marie worked hard never loosing her calm and her amazing smile.

Thank you Marie for being such a precious and valuable Testimonial for Voluptuous Swimsuits!


Here Marie’s words:

I was delighted to make this shooting for Voluptuous Swimsuits.

The team is great! Tamara, the photographer made myself confortable.

Sara and Greta are brilliant people who know how to reassure and guide.

I thank them for having allowed me to live this extraordinary experience!

The swimsuits are beautiful, comfortable, and they emphasize the body shape.

The fabrics are very pleasant, soft and smooth.

Thanks to all of you!