Voluptuous is a new born brand company dedicated to create fashionable and sensual swimsuits for curvy girls and ladies.   Our products are designed and manufactured in Italy with Italian made fabrics responding to the highest standard of quality. There is no danger for your health while wearing our products.

Voluptuous has been created to respond to a need that we believe it has not yet been satisfied enough: glamorous swimsuits for curvy women.

But not only...

Our sizes start from 12 up to 24 for US. Please refer to our international size conversion table.

Our brand is dedicated to 'changing the future' buyers.

What does it mean?

Our clients are looking for a swimsuits of the finest quality but also for a responsible product which - during its whole production cycle - responds to ethical working conditions and salaries to fight against child labour and modern slavery.

Most of the greatest fashion brands do not care about how they produce for business reasons and they are the main cause of modern slavery in the world.

Our goal is to be a responsible and fair producer and to attract who shares our vision through fashionable garments.

To change our world into a better place you just need a 'click'.

Our products can only be bought through our web site or other authorized web sites.

Our prices are kept as low as possible to encourage our clients to choose our brand and to fight competitors.

Our brand produces in Italy where the final cost of our swimsuit is much higher but fair.

Italy is known worldwide for the design, the value of its brands and the high quality of its products. But do you know how many famous brands produce in Italy?

Almost none.

VOLUPTUOUS does it!!!